TikkTokk Nanny Panel

Tikk Tokk


Truly the best single-panel playpen the world has to offer! The patented snap together panels make assembly easy, fast, and sturdy. No more panels falling apart from each other or that can't be assembled because they are too tight. Extendable by simply adding panels.

Unlike others when in the 90 degree position, the TikkTokk NannyPanel is not a limb entrapment hazard in the specified 30-50mm range. It is taller and will therefore provide longer use. The high quality plastic construction is easy to clean, strong and provides the safest environment for children to play in.


- No Sharp Edges
- Easy to Store and Transport
- Spaces Meet Safety Requirements
- Handy Brightly Coloured Carry Box
Competitive Safety Analysis


- Can Be Used as a Fence/Barrier
- Tallest Plastic Playpen available
- Can be used for Multiple Shapes
- Longest Usage due to Tall Height
- Quick, Simple, Reliable Assembly
- Unique Patented Joining Mechanism
- Safest Plastic Playpen on the Market
- Easiest Multi Panel Playpen to Assemble
- Strongest Plastic Playpen on the Market


Assembled dimensions: 114 x 114 x 65cm

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