Bumbo Multi Seat


- Ideal for babies who have already mastered the Bumbo Floor Seat, the NEW 3-in-1 Bumbo Multi Seat™ can be used as a floor, feeding or booster as soon as your child can sit unassisted up to three years old.
- Retractable chair straps allow baby to join the rest of the family at the kitchen table, while the height-adjustable base and removable, foam cushioning allows the Multi Seat to grow with your child.

- Adjustable height.
- Retractable chair straps.
- Tray attachment.
- 3-point harness.
- Wide, stable base (full contact with floor).
- Soft Bumbo foam cushion (remove to create space for growing child).
- Built-in storage for Tray, Foam Insert, Chair Straps.

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