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Ergonomic bouncer with natural rocking 

Ergonomically shaped seat that gives support to your baby

s back, neck and head. Choose between 

three different positions. The bouncer is lightweight and portable for easy 

use at home, but also 

folds flat when you

re on the go. 

You can remove the fabric seat and wash it. 

Gentle, natural bouncing created by you or your child. No batteries 

or cords are needed, and the 

bouncer makes no noise. Suitable for children aged 0-2 years. 

 Folds flat and portable 

Lightweight and portable at home, but also folds flat when you

re on the go. Three different 

positions: play, rest and sleep. 

 Natural bouncing 

Gentle, natural bouncing created by you or your child. No batteries 

or cords are needed, and the 

bouncer makes no noise. 

 Long period of use 

Use the bouncer from newborn and up to the age of 2 years. Once your ch

ild has learned to sit 

unaided, you can turn the fabric around and use it as a comfortable chi


s chair. 

 Ergonomic bouncer 

Ergonomic bouncer with support for a baby

s back, neck and head. The fitted fabric seat moulds 

itself to your child

s body and evenly distributes their weight. This gives your child g

ood support, 

which is particularly important for young babies whose muscles are not yet 

fully developed. 

 Happy children, happy parents 

While your baby plays happily or rests safely, you get a chance to take a showe

r or prepare a meal. 

The fun bouncing also helps your baby to develop their balance and 

motor skills. 


The bouncer is free from health-hazardous substances and approved in accordance 

with Oeko-Tex® 


100, class I for baby products. 

 Fun accessories 

Brightly coloured toys in toxin-free materials available as accessories. The rotat

ing figures on the toy 

make spending time in the bouncer even more fun! 

 Choice of child-friendly materials 

The fabric seat is available in two soft materials: Quilted cotton and airy mesh 

fabric. The fabric seat 


 removable and washable. 



From birth to approximately two years. 



Min. weight: 8 lb/3.5 kg 

Max. weight: 29 lb/13 kg 

It is not dangerous to exceed the recommended maximum weight for a posi

tion, but the bouncing 

function will not work as well. 


Both the cotton and the mesh fabrics are kind to your baby

s skin and safe to taste. Free from health 

hazardous substances and certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Cl

ass I for baby products.  

Quilted fabric in 100% cotton 

 gives your newborn baby the very softest feeling. 

Soft and airy mesh fabric 

 a sophisticated, breathable material that dries rapidly after washing. 

100% polyester. 


Including packaging: 3.2 kg / 40 x 92.5 x 11 cm 

 7 lb / 16 x 36 x 4 in 

Product only: 2.3 kg / 39 x 89.5 x 10 cm (transport mode) / 3

9 x 79 x 56 cm (in highest position) 


/ 15 x 35 x 4 in (transport mode) / 15 x 31 x 22 in (in highest



Machine wash; warm (40°C). Wash separately with a gentle, bleach-free detergent. Do not




Do not iron the mesh fabric. To remove the fabric seat, simply loosen the 

two elastic bands at the 


bottom and pull the fabric off the frame. 

Category: bouncer

Type: Safety Accessories

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