Gidget Foundation Australia.

July 03, 2018

Gidget Foundation Australia.

The Gidget Foundation provides support for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety by:

  • Support services for families suffering emotional distress during pregnancy and early parenting
  • Education and awareness programs for health professionals and the community

Our mission is:

To promote the importance of emotional wellbeing amongst expectant and new parents, their healthcare providers and the wider community to ensure that those in need receive timely, appropriate and supportive care.

The Gidget Foundation is a not for profit organisation.  We are grateful for our supporters from the community, the corporate sector, the medical profession, members of parliament and the media. 

We are able to leverage our impact and strengthen our outcomes by working collaboratively with many professionals who support vulnerable parents.

Our programs include:

  • Gidget House 10 free clinical psychological sessions for expectant and new parents in person at various locations
  • Start Talking Telehealth Program Seven free clinical psychological sessions for expectant and new parents via Video Call
  • Gidget Emotional Wellbeing Screening Program preadmission midwife support for pregnant women at selected hospitals
  • Gidget Emotional Wellbeing Workplace Program are tailored programmes for employees and management to promote engagement and develop strategies for mentally healthy workplaces
  • Education, Research & Online Tools for the community and health professionals as well as professional medical contribution to media and professional publications
  • Annual Tresillian Scholarship for a child and family health nurse to undertake a 12 month adult mental health course.
  • Advocacy and active memberships of professional networks
  • Research and contribution to mainstream and professional publications
  • Development and distribution of resources to assist parents

Can we support you?

We provide a variety of support services including:

  • Resources including brochures, books, DVDs
  • Community presentations
  • Corporate presentations on parental leave and staff engagement
  • Health Professional Education including students, health and allied health professionals

Please contact Gidget foundation for further information


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