No one told me how sleep deprived I would be..........

December 12, 2017

No one told me how sleep deprived I would be..........

As an expectant mum, you genuinely believe that your baby will be sleeping thru the night by six weeks. You know the first couple of weeks will be hard, but then life will go back to normal. 

Or so you think! 

My first baby was a prem; she needed to be fed every 3 hours, she didn't sleep thru the night till she was about eight months old. I literally didn't know my self the first night I had 6 hours sleep. I remember vividly one evening sitting in my bathroom painting my toenails at 10 pm ( Running our hairdryer to keep me warm, it was the middle of winter)  willing my self to stay awake for the "dream feed" so that If I were lucky, I would get five hours sleep.  There was another night where I could have sworn that the butterflies on the wall of her nursery were moving but that is another story.  I was sleep deprived, unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

So when baby number two arrived, I thought I knew what I was in for... I could not have been more wrong!  It was a whole new level of sleep deprivation! Baby number two just would not sleep, she would fall asleep at the boob and then wake up every 40 mins to be settled, then want more boob this went on for almost 18 months! My poor boobs, I don't know how they survived!During this time I spoke with two well-renowned sleep experts who told me either let her cry it out or wait till she grew out of it. Neither of which was a great option at the time. 

So not only was the little boobie monster waking every 40 mins but she would wake up her two-year-old sister who then needed to be resettled. I swear eight years later I am still catching up on lost sleep. 

Back in the "old days" there were no sleep aids, no lulla dolls to help them sleep and definitely no baby shushers to help them settle. I was a mumma with boobs alone in a world with a husband who well..... slept thru it all! It was  FUN! 

So to make you feel a little less alone ( and my self on reflection), I asked our community "at what age did your little one sleep thru the night" and here are the results. 

"18 months and still waiting for asleep through 😴"

"2 years! It may feel like a lifetime at the time but it's not forever...and you really really appreciate it when they finally get there!"

"8 months and only advice is ... this too shall pass
Haha, every baby is different." 

"My youngest doesn't yet, but she only wakes cries really for milk and goes back to sleep straight away My tricks are love to dream swaddles and Lula doll."

"My Son is nearly 4 - still waiting. #LuckyTheyAreSoCute"

So I guess mammas from the comments I was lucky? 










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